About DIGIC Motion

DIGIC Motion is high-quality motion capture studio, equipped with VICON
Motion Capture system, consisting of top-of-the-line T160 cameras.

We started with 12 Vicon T160 cameras, then, upgrading with four more, and 2 years ago, when we moved to a new location, we had a big step forward with 24 more cameras (40 total), 4 faceware GoPro HMC, bigger stage, etc.

The capture stage at the  Budapest-based motion capture studio boasts an array of VICON T160 cameras for the industry’s most precise performance capture. VICON T160 cameras offer the ultimate in high resolution and high accuracy. The T160 boasts a resolution of 16 megapixels and can capture speeds of up to 2,000 frames per second. This resolution means we can now accurately track the finest detail, the subtlest movements in even the largest volumes. With four times the resolution of any motion capture camera available, the T160 cameras is like no other.

DIGIC Motion's facility is capable of providing end-to-end motion capture services for clients in feature film, television, commercial, game development and interactive markets.

DIGIC Pictures uses this motion capture facility for its own award winning animated films.

For more information please visit www.digicmotion.com.