DIGIC Photoscan


DIGIC Photoscan is a 3D scanning facility producing high-quality, production-ready, fully textured 3D scans. They are produced for the film-, television-, and game industries, as well as for scientific use.

Located in Budapest, Hungary, the facility houses our high-performance photogrammetry system, complete with our own proprietary controllers, in a custom-built octogonal photo-studio. Hosted in a comfortable work-environment, with a team of highly trained professional staff, the system utilizes a fully customizable array of 53 DSLR cameras (24 megapixels), making it suitable for scanning faces (FACS) or other highly detailed, smaller subjects - as well as for creating full-body scans. Scanning however is not limited to the studio. The system is easy to transport and assemble, which allows for efficient on-location scanning of larger subjects, like buildings, rock-walls, or even a quarry...

The scanned data goes through various levels of processing, which ranges from basic clean-up to the tweaking of the model's fine details, where unique client requests can be accommodated by our professional artists.

DIGIC Pictures has been using the models created by the Photoscan unit over the past three years, in an increasing number of our award winning cinematics.


For more info please visit: www.digicscan.com