What kind of artists DIGIC is looking for?

The studio is constantly looking for talented artists for long term positions in our Budapest office. However, occasionally we do hire freelance artists to work remotely from abroad as well. When it comes to recruitment, we announce open positions on pertinent professional sites. As the company's site states, applicants are always welcome to showcase their portfolio (by email), which our team leaders go through. It may take some time, but we always get back via email.


How shall I apply for a job at DIGIC?

Please check out our jobsite  for open positions and send us your application and reference material online: http://www.digicpictures.com/en/open-positions


What is the most important thing you look for in an application?

At DIGIC Pictures we look for sparks of talent, that is: exceptional artistic and/or technical ability. This is, of course, different for each field of expertise (modeling, animation, rigging, matte-painting, etc) - nevertheless we’ll be able to determine if you're a veteran in your field, or if your ambitions, skills and creativity in what you do is convincing enough for us. So it’s not really about your software knowledge, any papers/education you may have, nor simply how many years of experience you have in the industry. It’s about what we see.


What do you require from your team, what qualities are the most important when hiring staff?

Special attention to the smallest details, professionalism, maximalism, innovative problem solving, and openness towards technological developments. We believe in the importance of outstanding client service; and also the importance of constantly developing interpersonal skills (which we aid by regularly organizing team building activities, as well as by constantly developing our work environment to make it friendly for everyone.)