What software & hardware do you use at DIGIC?

At the core of our production pipeline is Maya, which we use for animation work and some hard-surface modeling tasks. For organic modeling/sculpting our artists use zBrush, while texturing work is done in BodyPaint, Modo, and Photoshop - which is also used by our mattepainters. Mari is used for some of the 2.5D projection work, and compositing is done in Nuke. We've been rendering our scenes using Arnold since 2010 (prior to which we'd used mentalRay and even further back, RenderMan.)

For FX work we use FumeFX and Houdini. Hair and fur are created in Yeti and simulated via nHair and Syflex, the latter of which we also use for cloth-sim, together with nCloth. We use Marvelous Designer for creating some of the clothing. Crowd simulations are created in Massive Prime. Editing is done in Final Cut Pro.


How do you make your cinematics look so real, like live action?

At DIGIC we put a lot of emphasis on paying attention to the finest of details, as well as world class rendering and technical innovations. We also own a top-of-the-line motion capture system, to achieve the best performances possible on our 3d characters. The mocap system consists of VICON T160 cameras that we mainly use for our own movies - but we also rent-out the facility and provide full motion capture service at DIGIC Motion, including recording, asset creation, data cleaning, as well as retargeting. For more information, please write to: